Having been looking at performance artists recently who camouflage themselves in everyday surroundings, when a Graphics group project was set to map a 5 minute radius all ways from a certain point on Hampstead Heath, we seized the oppurtunity to map the environment and terrain with our own bodies and went about making 'ghillie suits' that were made up of the exact shrubbery, grass, leaves etc. that each journey was comprised of.

'The Blind in the Field"

"The camouflage cloak for contemporary zoologists

Blinds, or nature hides, are often helpful in the pursuit of and observation of wild animals. But what blind is right for the contemporary zoologist?

The Institute of Critical Zoologists offers a variety of solutions and services to zoologists working in the field. One of the most successful product launched is The Blind, an effective camouflage cloak that blends into its surroundings, so that the zoologist is always 'invisible' to the animals.
The Blind works on the principle that an object vanishes from sight if light rays striking it are not reflected as usual, but forced to flow around it and carry on, as if it was not there. To make these cloaks, our scientists developed "metamaterials", meticulously patterned thin metal sheets that can bend light in precisely the right way.

Our cloaks can be used in any environment, ranging from the rain forest, the tundra to the polar arctic. "


asked to make a short film by Mark of pretty much anything we liked... we were looking around the olympic park building site and found this muddy river bed that was going to be redeveloped, everyone just started using the open space to echo their voices, they carried on for 5 minutes without stopping.




LIU BOLIN...invisible man

given an empty room with a video camera filming it, a cable connects the camera to a tv in a room across the hall where the rest of the class is watching. Although a cliched piece of performance I wanted to see whether I could actually do something like completely leaving myself exposed to that many people and see how much of a risk I'd let myself take. this ended up going on the Camberwell Snapshot blog on the college homepage.

asked to 'become an animal'